You can download LAVANDERIA Font for free now at :)
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  • fontaine

    you guys share the coolest fonts another awesome font, thanks a lot

    • admin

      You are welcome Fontaine,
      Thanks for ALLAH, it’s yours :)

      Thank you.

  • finja

    many thanks for the great font.
    You have a very nice blog.
    I’ll have a nice day.
    nice Greetings from Germany
    Finja do not speak foreign language.

    • admin

      Thanks for ALLAH, Finja..
      You are welcome, it’s yours :).

  • Fitryan Wisnu

    Assalamu’alaikum, can I use this font for commercial use? Thank you.

    • admin

      Waalakum assalam w rahmat ALLAH w barakatoh Fitryan,
      ISA, Sure.
      And it’s yours.
      Thank you :).

  • smartpea

    Hi Guys, reallly love your work, the fonts are so beautiful!
    thanks for sharing.

  • Charm yap

    not found?

    • psdco

      No, it’s working fine… ISA.